Exoria is the capital kingdom of Maailma  . One half is grounded while the other is suspended in the air, not unlike Aeriamus . It is said to be established by the first Harnessers in the name of their revered deity, Exorsus . Exoria is the only kingdom that is inhabited purely by Harnessers . Non-Harnesser species are required to pay fees to enter the kingdom and are not allowed to purchase land.

It is rumored that the catacombs underground house the Animus Vox . The catacombs, however, are sealed off completely from the outside world and haven't been accessible since before the Great War . Ancient Maailma mythology expresses the belief that a trio of Sky , Earth , and Life Harnessers would be able to open the catacombs with their combined abilities, but so far it is only a myth. Exorian leaders treat it as Pandora's box; if the catacombs are ever opened, chaos and destruction will fall on Maailma. That is their belief, anyway.